Live life to the fullest! Become a flight attendant

If you feel that life has a lot more to offer but you feel that you’re not enjoying the best and fullest life you can live, you might want to become a flight attendant. Seriously. If you define a full life as a life of exploration and enjoyment of a sense of possibility, you might want to become a flight attendant. You get paid to travel and, if you manage your career well, you get paid to essentially live life to the fullest. This sense of adventure and limitless boundaries is part of the reason why many individuals decide, on a personal level, to become a flight attendant. The truth is that life is only as exciting and fulfilling as you choose it to be. Nobody can give you fulfillment. Nobody can give you happiness. It doesn’t come from the outside, it comes from within. It is this inner core of fulfillment that you trigger when you become a flight attendant. For more information, read this book on Amazon.


Tired of living a cooped up life? 

Nothing sucks the life out of a person’s daily existence than being cooped up. Don’t get me wrong-‘cooped up’ doesn’t just mean working in the same enclosed day after day, year after year, until it’s time for you to retire. That is just one destination. You can still feel ‘cooped up’ even if your job takes you to different places within a fixed radius. The core of feeling ‘cooped up’ is when you do the same things over and over and you don’t have much diversity of action in your life. This is precisely the static life you liberate yourself from when you decide to become a flight attendant. By choosing to become a flight attendant, you tap into a world of possibility that takes you far away from the ordinary. It gives you an opportunity to ‘spice things up’ in your daily life. You get more opportunity to live a varied and interesting daily routine when you become a flight attendant. You can learn by


See the world with a fresh set of eyes

One of the biggest benefits of the decision to become a flight attendant is that you get paid to see the world through a fresh pair of eyes. Every new destination brings the opportunity of seeing that particular destination in a new way. There is just something to traveling that lets us free ourselves from our old ways of doing things and our old settled ways of thinking or looking at things. This is the opportunity being a flight attendant brings to the table.


Re-awaken your personal sense of adventure

It is too easy to become ‘old’ even when you are in your 20s. Seriously. Old age is not a function of actual chronological age but mental age. You know you are getting mentally old when you feel trapped in a routine and no longer feel the need to explore, experiment, or seek out. In other words, you have lost your sense of adventure and possibility. If you want to recapture this, you should become a flight attendant. Far from just a simple job, being a flight attendant helps you gain opportunities to challenge how you look at things. You get to put yourself in a position where you can see new places, meet new people, and truly experience different locales. This ability to step out of the familiar and your ‘old shell’ are two of the biggest benefits of a decision to become a flight attendant.


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